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Time to Rock Out With Queen — a Bohemian Rhapsody Sing-Along Is Coming to Theaters!

Grab your tightest tank top and leather pants, it's time to live out your wildest Queen dreams! Starting Friday, Jan. 11, fans will be able to belt out their finest Freddie Mercury impression while watching Rami Malek do the same. On Jan. 9, Twentieth Century Fox announced that a sing-along version of Bohemian Rhapsody will be released in 750 locations across the US and Canada, beginning Friday.

"We are delighted to give audiences the opportunity to see this outstanding Golden Globe-winning film featuring Rami Malek's amazing Golden Globe-winning performance in theaters all over the U.S. and Canada in both its original form and in a never-before-experienced 'sing-along' version," said Chris Aronson, Fox's president of domestic distribution, in a statement.

If you haven't seen the film that's reignited Queen mania, Bohemian Rhapsody chronicles the life and death of the iconic frontman Freddie Mercury. Malek, who won the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama, earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of Mercury and some props for lending his voice to the musical tracks (with a little voice-mixing with Canadian singer Marc Martel). Tickets to the sing-along screenings are available now, so if you're ready to rock out with the greatest, you better get yours before they're sold out!

Image Source: Everett Collection
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