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Taylor Swift Tour Parody Video

This Viral Video Makes Fun of the Insane Amount of Taylor Swift's Tour Guests

Not only has the sheer amount of guests invited onto the stage for Taylor Swift's current 1989 tour been overwhelming, but things hit a new level when people like Julia Roberts and Joan Baez — not exactly recognizable to much of Swift's demographic — were invited on stage. Comedian Lara Marie Schoenhals used the subject for her gut-busting parody video, "Please welcome to the stage . . . ," in which she as Swift invites other random guests to the stage. Try not to cry real tears of laughter while she welcomes people such as the "51 victims of Bill Cosby," "My two best friends, Gigi Hadid and the Blair Witch!" and "Samara from The Ring!" As Schoenhals says, "What do you think of that, LA?!"

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