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What Happened to the Demodog Dustin Put in Joyce's Fridge?

Stranger Things: We Need to Talk About What's in Joyce's Fridge

Warning: lots of spoilers for season two of Stranger Things ahead!

Like the rest of the world, I spent nine hours mainlining season two of Stranger Things this weekend (and then another couple watching the aftershow because somehow nine hours wasn't enough). I curled up on my couch and never moved as the Mind Flayer took over Hawkins, Eleven learned more about where she came from, and our favorite middle schoolers discovered new creatures, developed crushes, and learned how to do their hair. But I did have one burning question when the season ended: what happens to the Demodog Dustin forces Steve to stuff into Joyce's icebox?

After Eleven makes her badass — nay, b*tchin' — entrance in "The Gate" and has that adorable reunion with Mike, Hopper, and the lot, she leaves a Demodog corpse at the Byerses' house. While she rushes off to close the gate with Hopper and Joyce, Nancy, and Jonathan try to burn the shadow monster out of Will, the rest of the kids and babysitter extraordinaire Steve stay behind. Before they too head out on a mission, Dustin forces Steve to help him clear the stuff out of Joyce's fridge so they can stash the Demodog inside.

Dustin spends most of the season trying to wrangle Dart and get credit for a new species, but preserving a Demodog may not be super smart. While most of the other corpses are left in the Upside Down once Eleven closes the gate, this one is probably still in Joyce's fridge, and yet there's no mention of it a month later once the Snow Ball is going on and Hopper is officially Eleven's dad.

So what happens? Does Dr. Owens's team take it before the Department of Energy rolls out of Hawkins? Does Dustin show Mr. Clarke and officially name the new species "Demodog" so everyone can stop saying it wrong? Does Steve pay Joyce back for her spoiled groceries? What will this mean for season three?

In any case, guys, it's unsanitary to put a corpse in the fridge.

Image Source: Netflix
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