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What Happened to Ghost's Ear on Game of Thrones?

Whoa, We Totally Missed This Sad Detail About Ghost on Game of Thrones

Warning: Game of Thrones season eight spoilers ahead!

After bloody battles, heartbreaking betrayals, and fiery fits of rage, Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. In the series finale, we watch as Bran rules over the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei lies in a pile of rubble, and Jon heads back to the North to reunite with the Free Folk and his best friend, Ghost, who seems to be a little worse for wear.

The only remaining Stark direwolf has stuck by Jon's side through thick and thin. Even after Jon sends Ghost away with Tormund to live beyond the Wall without so much as a pat goodbye, Ghost is happy to see his old friend again, finally receiving the ear scratches he deserves. Speaking of ears, this sweet reunion between Jon and his direwolf gives us our first real close up on Ghost after the Battle of Winterfell, where we can now clearly see that he is missing an ear! For many fans, seeing Ghost in such a state during the final episode came as a shock. Since most of "The Long Night" was too dark to see, it's understandable how some viewers might not have noticed Ghost's injuries.

Having fought just as hard as any of the Unsullied or Dothraki on the night of the Battle of Winterfell, Ghost sustains heavy scratches on the right side of his face and appears to have lost most of his right ear. Poor puppy! While his injuries are never directly addressed in the show, it looks like Ghost has more than proved that he's as loyal as any dog a half-Targaryen, half-Stark could ask for. He might be missing a little piece of himself, but there's no denying that Ghost is a very good boy.

Image Source: HBO
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