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Where Are Characters at the End of Game of Thrones Season 6?

Where Every Major Character Is at the End of Game of Thrones Season 6

The season six finale of Game of Thrones is an eventful episode for the major characters. There are a ton of cliffhangers, and a number of major deaths. Here's where everyone stands at the end of the season!

  • Daenerys Targaryen: At the end of season six, Daenerys has amassed a fleet of ships and is sailing to Westeros with her dragons. She's finally, officially on her way to take back the Iron Throne.
  • Jon Snow: After Jon wins the battle for Winterfell and defeats Ramsay Bolton, the other lords of the North declare him the new and rightful King in the North, despite his status as a bastard.
  • Tyrion Lannister: Tyrion stands at Daenerys's right hand as her newly appointed Hand of the King.
  • Arya Stark: Finally finished with her training with the Faceless Men, Arya decides she wants to be true to her identity as a Stark. She departs from Braavos and returns to the Seven Kingdoms. She's already back to work on her kill list, baking Freys into pies and slitting Walder Frey's throat at The Twins in the Riverlands.
  • Sansa Stark: Having just saved Winterfell by calling on Arryn forces, Sansa's busy keeping an eye on Littlefinger, who still wants to marry her and rule Westeros. She's now the Lady of Winterfell, and supports the move to make Jon the new King in the North.
  • Cersei Lannister: Cersei's blown up most of her enemies in King's Landing but, in a cruel twist of fate, loses her son. Since King Tommen is dead, she declares herself Queen Cersei and takes the Iron Throne.
  • Jaime Lannister: After retaking Riverrun, Jaime returns to King's Landing to find the city on fire, his son Tommen dead, and his sister sitting on the Iron Throne. He doesn't look thrilled about the circumstances.
  • Theon Greyjoy: Theon's finally got his groove back, now that he's escaped Ramsay Bolton. He's pledged a hundred Ironborn ships to Daenerys and is sailing alongside his sister to fight for the Targaryen cause and retake the Iron Islands.
  • Melisandre: After Davos reveals how Melisandre burned Shireen alive, Jon Snow exiles her. We last see Melisandre riding south, under threat of execution by both Jon and Davos if she ever returns to the North.
  • Brienne of Tarth: The last we see of Brienne, she's rowing away from the Riverlands after failing to convince the Blackfish to fight for Sansa.
  • Varys: The Spider convinces the Martells and Tyrells to pledge to Daenerys's cause. He sails alongside Daenerys toward Westeros.
  • Petyr Baelish: Baelish might have saved Jon at the Battle of the Bastards, but he's as shifty as ever. He tells Sansa he intends to rule Westeros by her side. When the Northerners declare Jon the King in the North, Baelish is present and looking shady.
  • Samwell Tarly: Samwell, Gilly, and Gilly's son Sam finally arrive at the Citadel in Oldtown, where Samwell marvels at the giant library.
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