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Grey's Anatomy: Who Is Dr. Carr?

The first two episodes of Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy have already seen a number of reunions among a few of the show's beloved characters, but the most recent episode of the show brings about an unexpected reunion that a lot of viewers were probably a bit confused about in the beginning.

Meredith spends most of Thursday night's episode at Dr. Walter Carr's bedside after he's admitted to Grey Sloan, thanks to a blood clot — but the thing is, she's not his doctor. Given the subject matter of their conversation, it appears that Meredith is the patient in this situation, even though Dr. Carr is the one in the hospital bed. But her relationship to him isn't fully explained in the episode, so you, just as well as everyone else, are probably still wondering: who is Dr. Carr and why is he so significant to Meredith's story?

Well, if you haven't already guessed it, Dr. Carr is actually Meredith's old therapist. According to the episode, Meredith confided in him for months after Derek's death, which ultimately caused a strong bond to form between the two. They're both reunited in Thursday's hour (albeit under not-so-great circumstances), and most of the episode sees Dr. Carr helping her sort out her feelings about Nathan. It doesn't take too long for him to help Meredith realize that, surprisingly, she's not in the least bit sad about Nathan's proposal to Megan in last week's episode. She's actually angry. Like, really angry. And not for the reasons that you might think she is, either. By the episode's end, Meredith is able to come to terms with the fact that what she's really up in arms about is Nathan failing to seize the opportunity in front of him, which is to rekindle the flame with the love of his life who he thought was dead for several years.


Nathan and Meredith have pretty similar stories in that both of their most recent relationships came to a halt after their partners were presumed dead. The only obvious difference now is that Megan turned out to be alive, while the entire Grey's Anatomy fandom still weeps at the thought of Derek being gone with each passing episode. Nathan's decision to stand down and not fight for his relationship with Megan pisses Meredith off — so much so that she justifiably yells at him for it at the end of the episode.

So Meredith doesn't do a lot of doctoring in this episode, but she does get A LOT of things off her chest. And we have Dr. Carr to thank for that.

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