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Why Did Rick Take a Polaroid Picture on The Walking Dead?

Why Did Rick Snap That Polaroid on The Walking Dead? Here's Our Best Guess

Still unwinding from Sunday night's premiere of The Walking Dead? So are we. In the first episode of season eight, the "All Out War" with Negan begins in earnest, and Rick and his army strike first. While explosive to say the least, perhaps the most intriguing aspects of the premiere are much harder to notice. We almost missed the possible comic book character that has a run-in with Carl, and the strange Weird Al music feature. Then there's another bizarre moment that you might not have given a second thought: why the hell does Rick take a picture before retreating from the Sanctuary?!

Yes, in the midst of this savage assault on the Saviors, Rick pulls out a Polaroid camera and takes a cute lil' snap of the carnage. Who knew these kinds of cameras would be so common in post-apocalyptic Georgia? It's not just that Rick is taking a #nofilter pic that he may or may not save for "Throwback Thursday," this one simple action could be the biggest middle finger of all to Negan.

Remember way back when Glenn was still alive, and the group raids one of the satellite Savior compounds? Our doomed and beloved hero stumbles upon a wall of Polaroid pictures. They're not just any Polaroids; they all feature men who have had their heads clobbered to a bloody pulp by Negan's barb-wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. It seems like Rick is showing Negan what it feels like. It's a special kind of revenge that will taste especially bitter to this one person. So, it's possible Rick will snap a ton of Polaroid pictures as he methodically takes down the Saviors. That way, he can torture Negan later. After all, there's a solid chance Negan may end up as Rick's prisoner.

If that seems a little too on-the-nose, there's another possibility for Rick's photo that makes it so much more than a "f*ck you" to Negan. Maybe he's taken the same idea Negan had, but adapted it to push him along on his journey. Instead of taking pictures of dead bodies, Rick takes pictures of the other communities he's destroyed in order to survive in this bleak world. Next time he takes down a huge enemy, he'll snap a picture of that, too. And on and on, and on until he has a full wall (or scrapbook, as the Twitter account above suggests) of the destruction he's left in his wake. You gotta admit, it's pretty badass.

Image Source: AMC
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