Adina Porter Dropped Some Mysterious American Horror Story Hints, and Now We're Confused

There are only so many ways one can prepare for a forthcoming season of American Horror Story. Though the basic premise for the show's eighth season, Apocalypse, has been revealed, cocreator Ryan Murphy is known for being manically secretive about each season. Even so, clues and tidbits still tend to slip through the cracks. In a recent interview with Golden Derby, Adina Porter was able to shed a little light on the catastrophic season.

"I'm just going to say that it's an opportunity for me to yet again show another side — maybe a side that I've never shown before," Porter said. The actress is confirmed for the eighth season, however, her character has not yet been revealed. She previously portrayed psychiatric patient Sally Freeman in Murder House, former cop Lee Harris in Roanoke, and a reporter-turned-cult-member in Cult.

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Porter also hinted at the fact that the apocalypse portrayed in the season will be a variation from what is typically portrayed on screen. "I thought, because of The 100 and Apocalypse, that I knew everything about what life after an apocalypse would be, but Ryan Murphy and the writers of American Horror Story have shown a whole other side of an apocalypse," she said. "So, I think people will be surprised and intrigued."

Though we're feeling more confused than ever, Porter's comments indicate that the season won't be the usual doomsday scenario. Watch her talk about Apocalypse at the 17:45 mark in the video above.