Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang Are *This Close* to Breaking Character in "SNL" Sketch

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Consider this our formal petition for Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang's trend forecaster sketch to become a recurring "Saturday Night Live" segment. The dynamic duo served up comedy gold during Jan. 29's "Weekend Update," playing two trend forecasters sharing their latest predictions with Michael Che. Clad in black-and-white outfits that seemingly emulated Moira and David Rose from "Schitt's Creek," they divulge what's in and what's out, all while trying their darnedest to not break character, which winds up being no easy feat for Bryant in particular.

According to their 4,000 computers, the most popular fashion trends include "shirt too big for body," "hat too small for head," and "male cleavage," while shiny shoes are decidedly forbidden because, as Bryant exclaims, "We're fighting a virus!" After divulging that men should no longer be allowed to repurpose movie posters as decor, they hilariously explain why "dumping in their pants and saying nothing" is the biggest no-no in the baby-trends space. "These quiet legends need to speak up!" Bryant yells, visibly struggling to not crack a smile alongside Yang.

We're not sure if it's the side-swept bangs or dramatic line delivery, but the sketch gives us flashbacks to Bill Hader's iconic Stefon character, and we need more ASAP. Watch the full sketch above to see Yang and Bryant in action.