15 Aidy Bryant SNL Sketches That'll Have You Crying From Laughter

While her work on Hulu's Shrill is truly amazing, many of us probably first discovered the wonders of Aidy Bryant's talents on Saturday Night Live. An expert in goofy facial expressions and comedic timing, Bryant has given us belly laughs for years with unforgettable characters such as the horny Mrs. Claus and the half-housefly Tonker Bell. And whenever she pops up in a digital short, she knocks it out of the park, whether she's making money moves as Aidy B or getting wild as a basic girl on Halloween.

Most recently, Bryant opened up about the time she broke character in a 2016 skit with Woody Harrelson. Bryant explained that she had a wardrobe mishap, which threw her into a fit of laughter. "Really bad, not good," Bryant said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "Cecily [Strong] knew she wasn't on camera and was fully looking at me going, 'Hahaha.'" Ahead, we've compiled the most hilarious Aidy Bryant SNL sketches of all time. Get ready to laugh!

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"Inside the Beltway" (2019)

Bryant, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, and Woody Harrelson portray political pundits who report on the president's scandals. During a flashback, a crew member comes up for a quickie wardrobe change even though there's time left in the sequence. This flub leads Bryant to giggle her way through the line "I believe that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." Hey, sometimes the funniest moments on SNL are unintentional!

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"PowerPoint" (2019)

In this episode, Kate McKinnon and Bryant play two women who are very bad at making PowerPoints. The hilarious graphics alone are enough to squeeze out a few chuckles, but it's Bryant's dramatically apologetic weeping about her incompetence that makes this sketch truly something.

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"Aidy B & Cardi B" (2019)

Bryant makes money moves in her bloody shoes . . . with roots from north central Phoenix. Her impersonation of Cardi B (okurrr included) is so utterly ridiculous that it prompts Chadwick Boseman to ask Chris Redd, "You let the white girls talk to you like that?" Plus, Cardi herself makes a cameo!

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"Fashion Coward" (2019)

Starring Bryant, McKinnon, and Emma Stone, "Fashion Coward" is an ad about clothes that "suggest the general idea of a person." Honestly, I feel a little attacked, but I have to give this credit for being a pretty on-point sketch.

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"Press Conference" (2017)

Michelle Wolf may have launched the most brutal Sarah Huckabee Sanders roast, but Bryant does the best SHS impression. Here, the comedian straight-up bursts in and out of a Demi Lovato music video sequence.

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"Henrietta and the Fugitive" (2017)

You may have watched some weird arthouse films, but you probably haven't watched anything as strange as this. Ryan Gosling and Bryant play star-crossed lovers — a fugitive on the lamb and . . . a chicken. Given the chance to kiss the fine leading man, we'd probably slip into a chicken suit as well.

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"A Girl's Halloween" (2016)

Bryant, Strong, and Vanessa Byers play a trio of basic gal pals who just want to have a fun, low-key Halloween in this sketch. Of course, things take a wild turn. Pete Davidson pops up in their home covered in green paint, and Bryant mysteriously has some of it on her mouth as well.

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"Birthday Party" (2015)

Here, SNL takes us into the world of a tween birthday party, where Melanie (Bryant) has a crush on her friend's dad (Gosling) that goes a little too far. Gosling almost breaks several times here, and I'm starting to wonder if the world could be a better place if we had a comedy feature with both of them.

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"Girlfriends Talk Show With Amy Adams and One Direction" (2014)

One Direction may no longer be together, but their appearance on Girlfriends Talk Show will forever be in our hearts. Bryant plays the cohost Morgan who's not great at dancing, but finds herself surrounded by a dance squad captain (Amy Adams) and her guy dancers (One Direction).

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"Steakhouse" (2014)

This sketch combines Southern charm with the hilarious synergy between Bryant and Seth Rogen. When a woman breaks both of her arms, she has to rely on her husband to be her hands . . . even though he's kind of bad at it.

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"Peter Pan" (2014)

Tinker Bell is cute and all, but Bryant's trash-talking Tonker Bell, whose father is a housefly, is so much funnier. She's not quite for kids, though.

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Weekend Update: Mrs. Claus on Living With Santa (2013)

Bryant's Mrs. Claus has some quibbles to share about Santa. The first is that he isn't as brimming with sexual energy as she'd like, so she gets her good loving on demand.

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"The Worst Lady on an Airplane" (2013)

Plane rides aren't necessarily the smoothest ordeals, and Bryant plays up your worst flight nightmare perfectly in this Weekend Update bit. Some gems from her assortment of odd plane behavior include masking her farts with broccoli and cackling loudly while watching Monsters University on her laptop.

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"Acupuncture Gone Wrong" (2013)

"Acupuncture Gone Wrong" definitely isn't for the faint of heart, but it is hilarious if you can handle lightweight slasher movies. Two acupuncturists (Bryant and Kristen Wiig) realize that they royally forked up on a client when blood squirts out from his back . . . nonstop.

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"(Do It on My) Twin Bed" (2013)

Lil' Baby Aidy makes her debut in "(Do It on My) Twin Bed," which Bryant wrote and earned an Emmy nomination for. The video's premise is basically that these ladies have brought their boyfriends home for the holidays and end up having sexy times in their childhood bedrooms.