I Owe My Life to Whoever Made This Schitt's Creek Montage of Alexis and Moira Saying "David"

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"David" just might be the most frequently used word in Schitt's Creek's script — yep, even more than "bebe" and "journey" combined. Don't believe me? Just watch this supercut of Alexis and Moira Rose repeatedly saying David Rose's first name throughout all six seasons of the Pop TV sitcom, and I promise it won't even sound like a real word once you make it to the end.

A dedicated Netflix employee combed through hours and hours of Schitt's Creek episodes to track down every gloriously unnecessary "David" mention and compiled it into a five-and-a-half-minute masterpiece that just so happens to be my new ringtone. While watching the video, it becomes especially evident that Moira and Alexis each have their own distinctive ways of uttering David's name — Alexis says it more like "Deevid," but Moira's pronunciation is more like "Dayved," thanks to her peculiar accent. The montage features a handful of my favorite one-liners, including but most certainly not limited to:

  • "See, David? This is what happens when you wash your face with a bar of motel hand soap."
  • "David, are you a dirty peeping Tom?"
  • "Oh my god, ew, David!"
  • "David is right not to trust you."
  • "They're lying to you, David. They're lying. They're lying."
  • "Nom nom for us, David."

Pour yourself a glass of Herb Ertlinger fruit wine, and watch the entire video above to take a chronological look back at all of Alexis and Moira's "David" mentions on Schitt's Creek.