Please Enjoy Nearly 3 Straight Minutes of David From Schitt's Creek Saying "Oh My God"

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The Rose family on Schitt's Creek is practically bursting with hilarious signature sayings. Catherine O'Hara loves to mispronounce the word "baby" as "bebe" while in character as Moira. Alexis, played by Annie Murphy, constantly utters "David," sometimes precluded by a high-pitched "Ew!" And David's go-to phrase is undoubtedly "Oh my god," always paired with one of Dan Levy's many exasperated facial expressions. David utters the expression countless times throughout the series — in pretty much every episode, it seems — and it truly never gets old. Like, ever.

A dedicated Schitt's Creek superfan equally as entertained by David's melodramatic tendencies took it upon themself to create a video montage of every time the character says "Oh my god" in seasons one through five. The result is a glorious two-minute-40-second mashup of instances that prompt David to dramatically utter his favorite three-word phrase, including the following:

  • When he walks in on his parents getting intimate in bed
  • When Stevie Budd falls off the bed after they smoke weed in her cousin's motel room
  • While making enchiladas with Moira and trying to figure out how to "fold in the cheese"
  • When his entire family walks into his motel room while a shirtless Jake is there
  • When he sees the enormous line outside of Rose Apothecary on its opening day

Grab your Café Tropical smoothie, sit back, relax, and watch the masterpiece of a montage unfold above. It definitely doubles as your weekly ab workout because it'll make you laugh that hard.