Someone Made a Montage of Moira Saying "Bebe" on Schitt's Creek, and It's Everything

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Moira Rose, you are an icon. It feels like Catherine O'Hara was put on this earth to play the hilariously over-the-top mother in Schitt's Creek with a family equally as entertaining as she is, right? The Rose family is insanely comical as a unit, but individually, they have their own sayings that leave us howling every episode. David has put his own spin on "Oh my god," and the way Alexis says "David" and "Ew!" is truly one of a kind. For Moira, her mispronunciation of "baby" as "bebe" in the most high-pitched, Moira-esque tone has us cracking up every single time.

As the series comes to an end, one dedicated fan put together a video compilation of O'Hara saying "bebe" while in character, and it's literally impossible to just watch once. The video includes her "bebe" one-liners, such as:

  • "Where is bebe's chamber?"
  • "My bebe girl leaving me so soon."
  • "Oh, she has no idea the toll a bebe can take on its mother or its mother's mother."
  • "You do realize the bebe is crying?"
  • "This is your bebe, Jocelyn, and an artistic cradle robber I am not!"
  • "Does bebe enjoy the theater?"
  • "So now you're taking bebe to the spa?"
  • "Wait, wait, wait. My bebes. My girls. Lorna, second from the left!"

Whether she's referring to her wigs, Jocelyn's newborn, or her actual children, Moira's use of "bebe" never fails. Watch the video montage above, and then check out all the shows to watch after Schitt's Creek and the beloved Rose family says their goodbyes.