Annie Murphy Now Has a Separate Instagram For Delightfully Odd Singing Videos

Today I'm especially grateful to be alive at the same time as Annie Murphy. The Schitt's Creek star just created an entirely separate Instagram account to share hilarious singing videos, and they're the restorative salve we've been waiting for all 2020 long.

In each clip, Murphy stays in character as her alter ego, Anny Morphee, who is a "singer/songwriter, songstress, songs, educator, multi-instrumentalist, harmonizer, Mother of Six-String Wood Baby, poet, somgwriter, [and] philanthropist," according to the bio on her @annyshitbedroom account. Although the Instagram page was just made this week, all of the videos she's posted so far were originally shared on her under-the-radar "Anny's Hit Bedroom" YouTube channel back in 2017. (Yes, I did do a deep dive on this extremely breaking news, and yes, that does mean she's been withholding this glorious content from us for three whole years.)

Regardless of how old the videos are, there's no denying the fact that they have big Alexis Rose energy. She's shared a handful of covers, including one of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in the vocal style of Zooey Deschanel, along with other music-related tips, such as how to remedy a blister from playing too much guitar. In each cover video, she purposely plays her guitar wildly off-key and begins with long-winded introductions that could've been straight off the Schitt's Creek script. In short, they're an entertaining delight to watch, and we need more ASAP.

Ahead, watch every hysterical video Anny Morphee has blessed us with thus far, and please make sure you read each caption. Now, excuse me while I plead with The Recording Academy to sneak her into the 2021 Grammy nominations.

Annie Murphy Singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" Like Zooey Deschanel

Annie Murphy Singing "Chandelier" by Sia

Annie Murphy Singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber

Annie Murphy Singing a David Bowie Tribute

Annie Murphy Singing "Hotline Bling" by Drake

Annie Murphy Singing "F*ck You" by CeeLo Green

Annie Murphy Giving Finger-Picking Lesson For Playing Guitar

Annie Murphy Sharing Her Cure For Finger Blisters