5 Dove Cameron Songs That Whisk Me Away to Escapist Fantasies

I can't tell you how often I play Dove Cameron's music whenever I need tunes that are both authentic and escapist. While I enjoy her Disney hits, Cameron's original songs — such as "So Good" and "Waste" — are some serious bops with meditative messages about life, love, and loss. The 24-year-old singer captures the wistfulness of young adulthood, as well as the magic of holding on to every precious moment with a sonic quality best described as hypnotizing. Sure, when I'm listening to "Bloodshot," I'm sitting on my bed in my tiny New York apartment. But I feel like I'm being taken somewhere else, enwrapped in a symphonic story felt through familiar emotions.

The same can be said about her latest release, "Remember Me." In an interview with POPSUGAR, the songstress opened up about the rapt single and its gist of cradling fond memories. "Life is just like a series of things coming to an end," Cameron said. "We live in a sort of constant state of mourning over the things that we love, but are always leaving us, or always dying, or always venting, and 'Remember Me' is a bit of an expression of that. It's a bit of a, 'I will only be this beautiful, this young, this healthy, this vibrant right now, and will never be more beautiful and in my prime than I am right now.' And while I'm aware of that, I also know that it's ending and that this is fleeting."

Obviously, I'm looking forward to Cameron's upcoming album. We don't know when it will drop yet, but we're fully prepared for the journey she's going to take us through. Thankfully, we have a handful of jams to hold us over until the LP makes its way onto our playlists. Listen to Cameron's best songs ahead and read how they transport us to an imaginative world.

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"Remember Me"

Cameron sings of cherishing all of the happy moments shared with a loved one. Through this song, we're taken to a rainy night in Paris where a couple carelessly laughs and capers around the city with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

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"Waste" is all about being so in love with someone that the relationship envelops you in its euphoria. Imagine two lovers holding hands, lying in an open field, and watching the sunrise. Nothing matters in that moment, except their matchless human connection and nature's indication of new beginnings.

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Cameron copes with a loss of some kind in this plaintive tune. The ethereal sound juxtaposed with the heavy lyrics evoke a black and white vision of someone — wearing a lavish ensemble — slowly falling into a void partially illuminated by a ribbon of light shining from above. Yes, this song is about being in a dark place and feeling weary, but, as Cameron has shown through her personal journey, there's hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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"Out of Touch"

This is a multifaceted look at romance and how relationships work. Cameron isn't saying that her relationship with boyfriend Thomas Doherty, who makes a brief appearance at the end, is perfect. Instead, she highlights his ability to help her through the best and worst of times. All we can picture is a couple cozied up in their apartment going through a roller coaster of emotions — laughing, crying, arguing, shunning — before finally embracing, knowing that they'll always have each other's backs. No matter what, they're taking on the good, the bad, and the ugly together.

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"So Good"

Cameron lets her hair down and reflects on feelings of joy in "So Good." We see this as a sort of theme song for a young woman enjoying a girls' night out with friends. And at the end of her escapade, she returns to her one-bedroom apartment alone, pops a bottle of champagne, reheats some leftover pasta, and blithely indulges in her meal with a look of contentment and pure happiness.