Lizzo's Nods Say It All in Response to This TikTok Calling Out Fatphobia

Lizzo isn't afraid to speak her mind when it comes to fat shaming, and she recently shared this TikTok duet bringing attention to fatphobia. As Jordan Simone (known as @jordxn.simone on TikTok), who is an activist and aspiring model, opens up this video saying "fatphobia and diet culture have their roots in racism," Lizzo gives an agreeing nod. She continues shaking her head "yes" as Jordan talks about how BMI is a terrible indicator of health and "clothing costing extra for fat people is literally a sin."

Lizzo's eyes widen and move from side to side when Jordan brings up the body-positive movement, saying that "skinny people have co-opted the movement and changed what and who it was really for." Yep, Jordan went there! Lizzo's facial expressions and enthusiastic finger pointing continue throughout the video as Jordan talks about how we spend way too much time commenting on what people eat, their weight, and what they look like in clothes.

One of the best points Jordan makes is when she says, "If you go on someone's post and comment on their weight for the 'sake of health,' you're just a jerk." She says to stop commenting on people's weight unless they bring it up first, and Lizzo starts pointing her finger again. But the phone starts to shake as Lizzo points her finger super fast in agreement when Jordan says, "Stop saying 'you're not fat, you're beautiful.' You can be fat and beautiful." Truth. Throughout the entire video, we can clearly see how enthusiastically Lizzo shows support for Jordan's points about fatphobia — she doesn't have to say a single word!

When POPSUGAR reached out to Jordan to ask about the inspiration behind this TikTok, she shared, "I try to focus all of my action on intersectionality and giving a voice to marginalized people, and fat and plus-sized people are so often erased or silenced from conversations because of their size." A few days before posting this video, Jordan went on a shopping trip with some loved ones. She recalled the delight in their eyes when they saw cute clothes that actually fit them, which was great, but it also made Jordan angry that they didn't get to feel that way all the time.

"As a skinnier person myself, I felt I should put my privilege into actions and voice the many problems fat people face, and that place was on TikTok." Her account overall focuses on a wide range of topics such as racism, activism, LGBTQ+ rights, and more. "I'm trying to make it an inclusive place for everyone to learn together," she said.