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The Best TV Dramas of the 2010s

17 of Our Favorite TV Dramas of the Past Decade

The Best TV Dramas of the 2010s
Image Source: Everett Collection

The last decade has been good for entertainment, but especially for TV. In fact, these past 10 years have been coined as the Gilded Age of Television. We've seen the rise of streaming, the downfall of primetime ratings, and an influx of miniseries and anthologies. The shifts in the market have been huge, allowing for new voices and different ideas to blossom. Canceled shows came back, abandoned genres were revitalized, and unique concepts were embraced. With showrunners expanding their creative horizons and movie stars moving to the small screen, the quality and quantity of shows have been increasing every year. Heck, we had 29 favorite shows just in 2019! The sheer volume of options makes determining the best of the best a daunting task.

With this abundance in mind, we've painstakingly narrowed down the list of our favorite dramas to just 17 shows. All of these started in 2010 or later (sorry, Breaking Bad), and yes, we did include a miniseries or two. The lines are so blurred these days!

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