Camila Cabello and Willow's "Psychofreak" Video Is a 2-Woman Horror Show

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Camila Cabello and Willow's "Psychofreak" collab is here, and the trippy music video will definitely be making a cameo in our nightmares this week. Like Harry Styles on the cover of his new album, "Harry's House"; Billie Eilish performing "Happier Than Ever" at the Grammys; and Hawkins in "Stranger Things," the video turned us upside down in a way that made the entire song feel like a dream.

Like a strangely sexy scene out of "American Horror Story," the video shows Cabello and Willow dressed in black leather and ripped fishnet tights, scaling the walls of a vacant waiting room. As the fluorescent lights flicker ominously (horror-movie vibes, anyone?), the pair float down the teal-green walls and cling to the paneled ceiling tiles, defying gravity to the tune of a staggered dance beat.

At the beginning of the video, which starts out with a warning for people with visual sensitivities, the camera zooms in on a pair of crooked blinds to show Cabello standing alone in the abandoned waiting room. The song kicks off with Willow humming an eerie tune, incredibly similar to the intro of Suzanne Vega's 1987 hit "Tom's Diner."

"Feelin' like a psychofreak sometimes / Tryna get connected, no Wi-Fi," Cabello sings during the chorus. "Tell me that you love me, are you lying? / Give me lemonade, I give you limes / House in the hills is a house of cards / Blink and the fairy-tale falls apart / Sorry, didn't mean to get so dark / Maybe I'm an alien, Earth is hard." As the walls begin to shift, Willow laments the struggle of making meaningful human connections, adding, "I want to, want to, want to touch you / Want to touch you, but my fingertips are numb / I want to, want to, want to love you / Want to love you, but my chest is tightenin' up."

Before the song falls into the last round of the chorus, Cabello — now dressed in a shredded catsuit — gives a shout-out to her former Fifth Harmony band mates. "Sorry, couldn't focus on the movie / Everybody says they miss the old me / I been on this ride since I was 15 / I don't blame the girls for how it went down, down," she sang. Since taking an indefinite hiatus in May 2018, all five members of Fifth Harmony have released solo singles and confirmed their debut albums, including Normani, who recently released her heartbreak anthem "Fair" and revealed she's sitting on enough material to put out a second and third album.

Cabello's new music video comes as part of her third solo album, "Familia," featuring Willow and Ed Sheeran. The project also comes two months after Willow and Machine Gun Kelly released their angsty TikTok hit, "Emo Girl."