Harry Styles May Have Snuck a One Direction Easter Egg in His Brian Cox-Narrated "Satellite" Video

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Harry Styles is back with a dreamy new music video. On May 3, the pop star released the visual for his song "Satellite" and it follows a very adorable robot working backstage at one of Styles's concerts. Ahead of the show, the robot watches footage of the Curiosity rover traversing Mars in solitude as "Succession" actor Brian Cox narrates.

Afterward, the robot finds itself wandering the streets, seemingly without any particular place to go. Finally, it lands in a grassy field alongside Styles himself, and seems to finally find some peace as it gazes up at the stars while its battery winks out.

For some, Styles's video could also read as a tribute to his backstage crew, who he always makes a point to thank during his shows. Moreover, it could be a sweet nod to the singer's fans, honoring the way his songs, and music in general, help so many people feel less alone.

On the other hand, Styles's "Satellite" visual could also contain a subtle Easter egg or two for fans in the know. At the end of the video, we see that Styles and the robot are lying near a NASA building. This could be a nod to One Direction's video for "Drag Me Down," which was shot at the Johnson Space Center in 2015.

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Styles is currently on the last leg of his massive Love On tour, which has included over 160 shows, per Rolling Stone, and will come to an end on July 22. In February, Styles took home the Grammy for album of the year for "Harry's House."