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Best High School TV Shows on Hulu | 2021

15 Teen Shows on Hulu That Will Take You Right Back to High School

Best High School TV Shows on Hulu | 2021
Image Source: Everett Collection

High school TV shows are the best of both worlds: we get to relive the nostalgia of our teenage years while skipping over all the parts that weren't so fun at the time. Thanks to Hulu, some of our all-time favorite teen TV shows are available to stream from start to finish, from '90s classics to brand-new Hulu originals. Whether you're in the mood for a silly sitcom or something more serious and dramatic, there's definitely something in Hulu's library for you! We've curated the very best of the platform's high school TV shows, including some names you'll recognize and some sleeper faves that deserve more love — see if your favorites made our list!

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