Everything You Need to Know About the 1 Postcredits Scene in Avengers: Infinity War

Warning: Spoilers for the very, very end of Avengers: Infinity War below!

At long last, Avengers: Infinity War is here. The epic team-up film has a story that's simultaneously heartbreaking and wildly entertaining, so you should mentally prepare yourself accordingly. That being said, the film's two-and-a-half hour runtime isn't the only thing you need to be concerned about — you also need to keep in mind the inclusion of another Marvel postcredits scene. So, how many are there, exactly?

Unlike Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Infinity War opts for a single scene after the credits have completely rolled by. Once you watch the Avengers take on the universe's most-feared (and most purple) villain, Thanos, as well as lose some from their own ranks, the postcredits scene ends up being pretty damn important. To give you some context, the end of Infinity War wraps up on a heartbreaking note: Thanos fulfills his mission by obtaining all six powerful Infinity Stones and placing them in his Infinity Gauntlet, which enables him to vaporize half of the universe's population with a literal snap of his fingers. That means some of our beloved Avengers turn to dust before our eyes, including two characters in the postcredits scene that might come as a bit of a shock.

The scene features S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders). The pair of them are driving through a city in a large SUV when suddenly the car in front of them crashes. Maria gets out to inspect what happened, but no one is in the driver's seat. Suddenly the rest of the city starts coming down around them as people begin turning to dust as a result of Thanos's snap (think: falling helicopters, explosions, screaming, etc.). Maria vanishes, and before Nick suffers the same fate, he manages to get a call out on his beeper. All we see, however, is a red, white, and blue logo on the screen when it drops to the ground.

Everett Collection

So, what does it mean? Well, it turns out that's Captain Marvel's insignia, which makes sense since the film starring Brie Larson is on the way. While we would've loved to see Carol Danvers in the flesh, the upsetting postcredits scene is at least a taste of what's to come. Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 better hurry up.