That "I Am the Walrus" Cover Might Be Super Significant to Watchmen Season 2

Watchmen's season finale (and possibly series finale) ends with some major twists and one very unexpected song: a cover of The Beatles' famously bizarre song "I Am the Walrus," covered by the band Spooky Tooth. On the surface, it just sounds like one more unexpected choice in a series that's prided itself on bucking expectations. But a closer listen to the song reveals that it might have been chosen for a specific reason: to connect to the episode's epic cliffhanger.

In a bizarre and slightly hilarious choice, one of the running motifs through Watchmen has been eggs (yes, as in normal eggs you have in your fridge). That motif comes around one final, powerful time in the final moments of season one, when Angela recalls how her late husband, Cal, aka Dr. Manhattan, explained how he could transfer powers through organic material — like, say, an egg. She eats what is implied to be that egg, then heads out to the pool to see if she's got his powers after all.

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Of course, the screen cuts to black before her foot hits the surface of the water, making that final song all the more significant. Not only is the episode, "See How They Fly," named after a lyric from "I Am the Walrus," but the song includes a couple of lines that seem oddly relevant: "I am the egg man / They are the egg men" and "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together." Could the music here be a hint that Angela is "the egg man" and is "he" now, having inherited Cal's powers?

Showrunner Damon Lindelof admitted to Vanity Fair that the egg motif is deliberate, although he stopped short of ascribing specific meaning to the song. "Look, I have to acknowledge that it's a stretch. It's a stretch to say Dr. Manhattan can put his abilities into an egg and if you eat that egg, you get his powers. Like it's a little bit fanciful . . . If you do a lot of work setting it up and basically say, 'Pay really careful attention to this. This is important. It is literally the purpose behind everything that we're leading to here,' then maybe we get away with it. You may not like the device, but at least we, we set it up a lot." You can listen to the song above and decide for yourself what meaning you want to believe with regards to its significance in the Watchmen finale.