Here's Where Giannina Ended Up After The Dramatic Love Is Blind Finale

While some of the couples on Love Is Blind came out of the finale stronger than ever, it wasn't a happy ending for everyone — least of all Giannina. She and Damien made it literally to the altar before he stopped their wedding and called it off, leading to a dramatic shot of Giannina running away in her wedding dress and a heartbreaking confrontation.

Though Giannina made sure not to reveal anything about her relationship status while she was promoting the show on social media and couldn't post spoilers, the show's reunion episode revealed that she's with Damien! Though they didn't specify when they got back together, the couple disclosed that they were working through the issues they faced during their engagement. It was obvious that they are still very much in love, which is exactly what the experiment was meant for. Keep scrolling to see some of the photos Giannina posted after the show and how they clued us into her mindset.

Her Wedding Dress Picture Was Just for Promo

Giannina posted her wedding dress photoshoot to promote the season finale, but as we all know now, that didn't work out the way she'd hoped. The pictures weren't hinting at how her journey ended — it's just part of promoting the show.

She Does Have a Ring — But Not That Kind

Yes, Giannina has a ring on her left ring finger in this recent Insta post. But that doesn't mean anything about her relationship status. A quick browse back through her social media shows that she's worn a ring on that finger before; it's just an unconventional style choice.

She's Burning a Symbol of Love

This artsy shot of Giannina burning a rose — the iconic symbol of love — doesn't seem to scream "I'm in love again!" But we're guessing she was just posting it for the gram because she's happily in love.

She's Embracing the Selfie Life

Giannina's selfies lately have been packed with positivity and self-confidence, with captions about loving yourself above all else. Considering we know that she and Damien have patched things up, it's a lovely sign that she's feeling great in her relationship and in life!

She's Taking Time for Self Care

"happy it's the weekend and I can do what I wanttttt! definitely looking forward to some much needed self care and city hopping," she posted the week before the finale. It's great to see that even though Giannina has gotten back with Damien, she's still taking time for herself!