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Jennifer Lopez Talks Playing Kat Valdez in Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez Teases More New Music With Maluma: "We Have a Good Musical Chemistry"

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma are currently in the midst of their "Marry Me" press tour ahead of the film's Feb. 11 release. During a press conference on Feb. 6, Lopez discussed what it was like playing her character, Kat Valdez, who's set to marry fellow singer Bastian (Maluma) live on stage during their upcoming concert only to find out moments before that he's been cheating on her.

Though Kat isn't based on Lopez's actual life, the actor admitted that she didn't have to do a lot of research to prep for the role. "This wasn't a role where I had to research what it was like to be a famous recording artist who does branding . . . I understand what all of that is already," Lopez noted. "I think the difficult part was kind of the meta part, which was the idea of showing what it's really like inside my bedroom when something goes wrong and you suffer a heartbreak like this in front of the whole world and the media kind of goes to town on you."

In addition to playing love interests in the film, Lopez and Maluma also collaborated on the movie's soundtrack. When POPSUGAR asked Lopez if we can expect more music from them in the future, she told us, "I think we'll always look for opportunities to work together. We have a good musical chemistry . . . 'Marry Me' is one of my favorite duets I've ever done with anyone. And he is a great songwriter and a great interpreter of song, so I would love to be able to do more together."

Watch the rest of Lopez's interview in the video above before "Marry Me" hits theaters and is available to stream on Peacock on Feb. 11.

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