Lizzo's New Dance-Competition Series Is a Celebration of Self-Love

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We've been waiting for this one! In the trailer for her Prime Video series "Watch Out For the Big Grrrls," Lizzo is on the hunt for new backup dancers who reflect bodies of different sizes and backgrounds to join her upcoming world tour. "Girls that look like me don't get representation," she says in the trailer. "It's time to pull up my sleeves and find them myself. We thicc and we pretty and know what we 'bout. It's the battle of the big girls."

In typical reality-show fashion, the eight-episode series will see contestants battle it out over various dance challenges — including a cheerleading competition — as the "Good as Hell" singer cheers them on and takes notes on her favorites from the sidelines. "It's about to get real," Lizzo says. In a Feb. 17 tweet sharing the trailer, Lizzo wrote: "TURN IT UP—This is the greatest moment of my career yet. 😭😭😭😭 Yall ready to laugh, cry, twerk, repeat?!"

"It's hard to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you back."

Beyond searching for Lizzo's most "confident and badass" backup dancers, the show is a celebration of self-love that highlights the lack of representation of women of color and curvy women on the dance scene. "It's hard to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you back," Lizzo tearfully tells the cast before adding, "You were created specially in your image for you to enjoy." As the camera cuts to a contestant, they add, "You don't have to be light-skinned. You don't have to be skinny. You're just beautiful the way you are."

Find out more about Lizzo's "Watch Out For the Big Grrrls" series below, and check out the trailer above for a glimpse at the drama, impressive choreography, and stylish outfits in store.

Who Is in the "Watch Out For the Big Grrrls" Cast?

"Watch Out For the Big Grrrls," hosted and executive produced by Lizzo, will feature a cast of talented, curvy dancers with varying levels of dance experience. "I'm always doubting myself and I feel like that has been detrimental in how I approach dance," one contestant says. "I'm realizing that I do deserve a spot on that stage."

Prime Video has yet to announce the names of cast members, but the series will feature several guest judges, including legendary choreographers Tanisha Scott, Big Grrrls alumn Chawnta' Marie Van, Shirlene Quigley, and Grace Holden. Additional guest judges include SZA, choreographer Charm La'Donna, and body-movement expert Rashida KhanBey Miller.

When Does Lizzo's "Watch Out For the Big Grrrls" Premiere?

Lizzo's "Watch Out For the Big Grrrls" will be released on Amazon Prime on Friday, March 25, in the United States. It will be available elsewhere beginning in May 2022.

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