"Love Is Blind"'s Raven and SK Share How They Rekindled Their Romance After Season 3

Good news, "Love Is Blind" fans: Raven Ross and SK Alagbada are still going strong. The season three fan-favorite couple didn't tie the knot by the end of the show's season finale, which premiered Nov. 9, but they still got their happy ending.

During the season three reunion, also released on Nov. 9, the pair confirmed that they had rekindled their relationship after SK said "I don't" at the altar and are currently in a long-distance relationship. POPSUGAR then caught up with the happy couple to get all the details on their sweet love story — including what wasn't shown on "Love Is Blind."

"We were in the pods together for a long time every day, but you guys didn't get to see a big chunk of that."

According to Ross, the two reconnected after filming wrapped for season three, when Alagbada moved to San Francisco for his master's program at the University of California, Berkeley. They started officially dating around November 2021, and since then, she says, the two have "taken a bunch of vacations" and "see each other all the time," despite living miles apart. Ross says the distance has helped their relationship grow.

"I think it really helps us that we're both really independent and motivated individuals," she says. "We're both very, very busy, but we're also very supportive of each other. So it's not any nagging like, 'Oh, you didn't call me today.' There's just a mutual understanding. We're both working super hard, and then we see each other and we relax and disconnect. So it's good to have a partner that operates that way. We don't really have any communication issues, which has truly been a blessing."

LOVE IS BLIND. (L to R) SK Alagbada and Raven Ross in LOVE IS BLIND. Cr. Sara Mally/Netflix © 2022

Although "Love Is Blind" viewers witnessed how Ross and Alagbada's bond transferred from the pods to the real world, the two feel people still missed out on the best parts of their love story. "I definitely wish we would've gotten more pod time for you guys to see," Ross remarks. "Because we were in the pods together for a long time every day, but you guys didn't get to see a big chunk of that, and we had some pretty great times there."

Alagbada echoed his girlfriend's sentiments, adding, "If I'm watching this from outside, I'm going to be drawing blanks. 'How did they even end up together? We didn't really see them dating and then all of a sudden they [get] engaged.'" He added: "I think the show focused a lot on other aspects of how our relationship developed as opposed to like how do we actually connect. We had really great times and really great dates. We did it every day in the pods till the very last day of proposal, and I don't think viewers got to see that . . . But also, outside the pods, we had a lot of very strong, meaningful conversations."

Some of those conversations were had between Alagbada's family and Ross, which "Love Is Blind" viewers saw on the show. According to the couple, they plan to spend Thanksgiving with them next week. "We're looking forward to that," Alagbada adds. "We're very excited."

"We are so grateful to 'Love Is Blind' [for giving] us this strong, strong foundation."

Even though "Love Is Blind" wasn't able to follow Ross and Alagbada's story in its entirety, the pair are still grateful for the romance and lessons they walked away with. "The biggest thing [the show taught me] is emotional vulnerability," Alagbada shares. "As a guy, most people don't do that. That's not cool these days. Guys don't want to be a simp or whatever they call it. For me, I went into the experiment very open-minded, and I feel like that really allowed me to even introspect into what do I want in a person. What kind of partner do I want? And doing this in the most unorthodox way, where you don't even see the person."

Ross also credits the show for teaching her how to be more vulnerable. "Typically, in a relationship in the real world outside of the pods, you're not getting that deep with someone until maybe the 10th date? You're not going to sit there and talk about your most vulnerable moments, talk about finances. You would never do that on a third date," she explains. "It's really challenging for everyone to be a part of the experiment, open up, and be vulnerable, and I feel like that's what made everyone who was a part of this season successful . . . I've never had communication with someone like I do with SK . . . So we are so grateful to 'Love Is Blind' [for giving] us this strong, strong foundation."

"Love Is Blind" season three is currently streaming on Netflix.