The Best Lyrics From Miley Cyrus's "Endless Summer Vacation" Album For Instagram Captions

If you loved "Flowers," wait until you hear the rest of Miley Cyrus's eighth studio album, "Endless Summer Vacation." The record, which dropped on March 10, marks the singer's first new album since the release of "Plastic Hearts" in November 2020. While her last project showed off Cyrus's rock-star persona, "Endless Summer Vacation" is pure pop goodness.

Throughout the record, Cyrus sings about healing after heartbreak and learning how to love herself again. Since she was in an on-and-off relationship with "The Hunger Games" star Liam Hemsworth for 10 years, fans naturally assume many of the songs on "Endless Summer Vacation" were inspired by him. "Flowers" is all about a partner not treating Cyrus right throughout their relationship, while "Muddy Feet" touches on infidelity causing a breakup.

Each song has powerful lyrics about love, whether that be romantic love or self-love. They make perfect Instagram captions, so if you're looking for some inspiration, scroll through the slideshow to see the best lyrics on "Endless Summer Vacation."

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​Miley Cyrus's "Flowers" Instagram Captions

Cyrus's Billboard No. 1 single, "Flowers," which is highly speculated to be about Hemsworth, is an empowering track about knowing you're better single than with your ex.

  • "We were good, we were gold. Kinda dream that can't be sold."
  • "We were right till we weren't."
  • "Started to cry, but then remembered I can buy myself flowers."
  • "I can take myself dancing and I can hold my own hand. Yeah, I can love me better than you can."
  • "No remorse, no regret. I forgive every word you said."

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​​Miley Cyrus's "Jaded" Instagram Captions

In "Jaded," Cyrus opens up about regrets she has about a past relationship. Although she's moved on from her ex, she'll never forget the memories they shared together.

  • "We went to Hell, but we never came back."
  • "You're lonely now, and I hate it. I'm sorry that you're jaded."
  • "Don't know when to stop, so you take it too far."
  • "You broke your own heart, but you'd never say that."
  • "I'll change my number but keep your T-shirt."
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​​​Miley Cyrus's "Rose Colored Lenses" Instagram Captions

"Rose Colored Lenses" is about never wanting the honeymoon phase to end in a relationship.

  • "We could stay like this forever, lost in wonderland."
  • "Wearing rose-colored lenses, let's just play pretend. Wearing rose-colored lenses, pretend we'll never end."
  • "Endless summer vacation, make it last till we die."
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​​​​Miley Cyrus's "Thousand Miles" feat. Brandi Carlile​ Instagram Captions

This track is about knowing a partner is better off as your ex but not being able to say goodbye to them no matter how hard you try.

  • "You think I'm crazy, you might be right, but when he smiles, I don't care about the past."
  • "I told myself I closed that door, but I'm right back here again."
  • "I'm not always right, but still, I ain't got time for what went wrong."
  • "I'm holding on like a rolling stone."
  • "It's madness before the sadness."
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​​​​Miley Cyrus's "You​" Instagram Captions

"You" is about having a wild night out with the one you love.

  • "I got some baggage, let's do some damage."
  • "I am not made for no horsey and carriage."
  • "I want that late-night sweet magic, that forever-lasting love but only if it's with you."
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​​​​Miley Cyrus's "Handstand​" Instagram Captions

In "Handstand," Cyrus sings about a budding romance where her new lover is constantly in awe of her.

  • "You're questioning the science, 'cause you don't understand."
  • "We took it kinda fast, but you put it in slow."
  • "I wish I could crawl inside your heart, take you captive and then sail away."
  • "I wish I could know that it's forever, take me captive and then sail away."
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​​​​Miley Cyrus's "River" Instagram Captions

In "River," Cyrus is totally enamored with someone and thinks he could be "the one."

  • "Heart beats so loud that it's drownin' me out."
  • "Was a desert 'fore I met you, I was in a drought."
  • "It turns me on that you care, baby."
  • "Your love, it flows just like a river."
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​​​​Miley Cyrus's "Violet Chemistry" Instagram Captions

In this track, Cyrus says she wants to test her chemistry with somebody because she doesn't know whether they'd be good spending just one night or forever together.

  • "Tonight, we'll just be wrong, ain't done this in so long."
  • "Stay a while, don't deny the violet chemistry."
  • "Fingers start to dance along the figures and the shapes, mixing all the colors like we're makin' a Monet."
  • "There's something between us that's too major to ignore, may not be eternal but nocturnal, nothin' more."
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​​​​​Miley Cyrus's "Muddy Feet​​" feat. Sia Instagram Captions

"Muddy Feet" touches on the subject of infidelity. After Cyrus realizes her partner has been cheating on her, she tells them to get out of her life.

  • "You smell like perfume that I didn't purchase."
  • "You keep comin' 'round with your muddy feet."
  • "Back and forth, always questioning my questioning."
  • "You've watered the weeds and you killed all the roses."
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​​​​​Miley Cyrus's "Wildcard​​" Instagram Captions

"Wildcard" is about not making any promises in a relationship.

  • "Do you wanna play house? I could be your wife."
  • "Maybe I could stay and not break your heart, but don't forget baby, I'm a wildcard."
  • "Loving you is never enough."
  • "Don't wait for me 'cause forever may never come."
  • "I want all or nothing."
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​​​​​Miley Cyrus's "Island​​" Instagram Captions

In "Island," Cyrus gets honest about life after a breakup. Since she can't get her ex out of her head, she's confused about whether she did the right thing by ending their relationship.

  • "I'm still wishing for the love that I don't have."
  • "Am I stranded on an island, or have I landed in paradise?"
  • "I hear your voice like a song on the radio. All day long, 'cause, boy, I've been missin' you."
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​​​​​Miley Cyrus's "Wonder Woman​​" Instagram Captions

"Wonder Woman" is about a strong woman who always puts up a front so others won't worry about her.

  • "She's a wonder woman. She knows what she likes."
  • "Never know she's broken 'cause she's always fine."
  • "She's a won't-stop woman, hours on her hands. All the pain is polished. All the tears are planned."
  • "Never know she's broken, only when she cries."