Sex Education Season 2 Has An Alternate Ending That You'll Probably Never See

The second season of Netflix's Sex Education dropped on Jan.17, and while bingeing all eight episodes in one sitting, there's one thing that immediately became obvious: Otis and Maeve probably weren't going to get together. At the end of season one, Maeve showed up at Otis's house to admit she'd been secretly carrying a flame for him but — in a scene that reminded us of our years of Ross and Rachel-related angst, she arrives at the exact moment Otis and Ola share their first kiss.

And so begins a storyline of unrequited feelings (Maeve) and naive ignorance (Otis). But by the end of season two — after an intense scene earlier in the season, where Maeve finally tells Otis she's into him — he's ready to return the favor, turning up at the trailer park where Maeve lives to tell her how he really feels. Of course (once again), it isn't meant to be, and the pair miss one another by seconds. The season ends with a zoomed out shot, showing them walking in opposite directions, and it's around this point we started flipping tables (the dissatisfaction of it all!).

But it turns out, the episode's director, Ben Taylor, filmed a secret alternate ending that, honestly, will probably never see the light of day. In fact, he never even told the creator and writer of the show, Laurie Nunn, he played around with the ending that she wrote. "I shot a thing just to see, just to be naughty, because I occasionally can be," Taylor tells POPSUGAR. "[In the final scene] Otis and Maeve go off in different directions, and it finishes on a single slow-mo tracking shot of each of them. So, I said 'right, at the end of this final shot, just look like you've seen Maeve. And Maeve, look like you've just seen Otis.' And you just see a smile break from their face. I was going to cut you an alternate version just to see!"

Nunn hilariously had no idea an alternate ending was ever filmed. "Imagine if it came out on Netflix and you just snuck it in there," she jokes. Taylor says the people who were most dissatisfied with the ending were Emma Mackey (Maeve) and Asa Butterfield (Otis), because they just wanted some closure for their characters, but unfortunately, Nunn is keeping future storylines very close to her chest. "They may never get it," she says.