6 Billie Eilish Music Videos That Are Both Aesthetically Pleasing and Totally Nightmarish

Billie Eilish's music is known for being rather eerie. Whether she's singing about the ups and downs of falling in love or wrestling with self-image, the 17-year-old prodigy manages to infuse her songs with uniquely textured sounds and visually driven lyrics. But her knack for creative storytelling also pours into her music videos — most of which complement her haunting tunes with dark depictions and chilling scenes.

Between her otherworldly transformation in "All the Good Girls Go to Hell" and her portrayal of a levitating monster in "Bury a Friend," the rising star is turning the music industry on its head with her captivating delineations. Ahead, watch some of her creepiest, most mesmerizing music videos to date!

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"Bury a Friend"

"Bury a Friend" is intoned from the perspective of a monster who is revealed to be Eilish herself. Throughout the music video, we see Eilish being heaved and hauled around by multiple hands covered with black gloves as they use multiple needles to inject her with a serum. She then takes on the role of a paranormal entity who is hiding underneath someone's bed and begins to levitate in a dark hallway. Shivers.

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Something so simple can be so spectral. Such is the case with the video for "Idontwannabeyouanymore." Most of the clip shows Eilish staring into a mirror as she wishes to escape from herself. Sometimes, the scariest thing we have to face is ourselves — and that makes this music video all the more spine-chilling and evocative.

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"All the Good Girls Go to Hell"

Eilish addresses the devastating effects of climate change in this video. After transforming into a winged creature covered in grime, the singer-turned-beast stumbles through a wasteland engulfed in flames.

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"You Should See Me in a Crown"

This vertical video supplements Eilish's anthem of power and fearlessness. Yes, these are real spiders that she's filming with. It's enough to make anyone's skin crawl, but if you have arachnophobia . . . watch this at your own risk.

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"When the Party's Over"

Eilish has previously confirmed that this song is about feeling angry when distancing yourself from a loved one. The shots of her crying thick black ink were inspired by a drawing she received from a fan, which just so happened to align with the song's concept of exasperated sorrow.

And if you thought the heavy liquid pouring out of her eyes was CGI, think again. Eilish actually had tubes on her face that spurted out the solution of xanthan gum and charcoal water into her eyes. Talk about dedication.

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"You Should See Me in a Crown" (Animation by Takashi Murakami)

In April, Eilish teamed up with artist and animator Takashi Murakami to release another music video for "You Should See Me in a Crown." The original clip of her playing with spiders while singing was frightening enough, but this version takes things to another level. The video starts off pretty normal with an admittedly adorable cartoon version of Eilish singing and dancing to the music. But around the two-minute mark, it goes from "Aw, cute!" to "Jesus Christ, what am I watching?!" when she transforms into a petrifying monster-size spider with a human skull that terrorizes a city. Maybe don't watch this alone at night?