These Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the Schitt's Creek Cast Have Me Weeping Like a Bébé

Ever since the curtain closed on Schitt's Creek's sixth and final season, I've been trying my darnedest to hang onto the series for dear life. My attempts to fill the giant, disgruntled pelican-shaped void left by the show's departure led me to stumble upon the Instagram accounts of Lucky Bromhead and Ana Sorys, the makeup artist and hairstylist, respectively, behind some of Schitt's Creek's best looks. Both insanely talented women worked in some capacity on all six seasons of the Canadian sitcom and have shared tons of prime behind-the-scenes content of the cast through the years.

From funny pictures of Catherine O'Hara (Moira Rose) goofing off on set to videos of Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose) and Dan Levy (David Rose) singing and dancing along to music between scenes, Lucky and Ana have blessed fans with some seriously A+ footage. If you, too, are experiencing Rose family withdrawals, take a look through some of the best snaps ahead to see just how close the Schitt's Creek squad is even when the cameras aren't rolling. So, how about a seventh season, Dan?

This Mid-Photo-Shoot Video of Annie Murphy Modeling Like a Queen

This Picture of the Rose Siblings Showing a Rare Display of Affection

These Chaotic Pictures of Catherine O'Hara Apparently Breakdancing on Set

This Snap of Annie, Sarah Levy, and Emily Hampshire Looking Like the Three Musketeers

This Picture of Dan Levy That's a Mood on So Many Levels

This Downright Stunning Snap of Annie on David and Patrick's Wedding Day

This Sweet Snap of Annie and Dustin Milligan

This Clip of Catherine Honestly Looking Pretty Creepy

This Snap of Lucky and Catherine Both Emulating Moira Rose

This Shot of Eugene Levy and Catherine During the Famous Wedding Scene

This Adorable Selfie During a Season Wrap Party

This Frame-Worthy Snap of Dan in One of Moira's Wigs

This Photo of the Cast Hanging Out in a Bus, Featuring Eugene Looking Like a Total Boss

This Mirror Picture of Lucky, Ana, and Catherine in the Hair and Makeup Trailer

This Snap of Annie Likely Holding a To-Go Café Tropical Smoothie While Hugging Sarah

This Snap of Catherine Providing Some Lighting For Her Touchups

This Couch Photo That Puts All Other Couch Photos to Shame

This Up-Close Picture of My Favorite Friendship Duo

This Downright Hilarious Pic of Catherine That Warrants No Explanation

This Fun Clip of Ana, Dan, and Annie Bopping Along to "Freedom! '90"

This Dazzling Video of Catherine in a Sparkly Dress

This Photo of Eugene in Full-On Dad Mode

This Dreamy Picture of Moira's Unicorn-Like Wig

This Celebratory Season 5 Wrap Selfie

This Highly Fashionable Photo of Annie in a Blanket Skirt

This Photo of a Glorious Wig That Moira (Unfortunately) Never Got to Wear

This Up-Close Look at Catherine Having Moira's Signature Red Lip Applied

This Photo From the Day the Cast Shot the Show's Very Last Scene

This Hilarious Snap of Catherine Trying on Her Clara Mandrake Wig

This Up-Close Shot of the Final Product