Target Is Selling Dunder Mifflin Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Your Office Holiday Parties

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Attention, Dunder Mifflin employees! This holiday season, ugly Christmas sweaters are required per Michael Scott's memo. Don't worry, you can find a substantial Office selection at Target. In fact, I think Target's Merry and Dwight Christmas Sweater ($30) and Dunder Mifflin Ugly Holiday Sweater ($30) are the cozy clothes Michael would approve of most.

All jokes aside, if you have a Secret Santa gift exchange or White Elephant bash coming up, why not come equipped with a comfy gift that also ensures a smile? I think this would go over better than a homemade oven mitt, and Angela's party planning committee would certainly be on board. Better yet, buy the sweaters for yourself and wear one during your holiday binge sessions. I can't think of a better way to spend time off.