Taylor Swift Imagines What Life Would Be Like If She Were "The Man" in Powerful New Video

Taylor Swift finally dropped her music video for "The Man." Unsurprisingly, it's a masterpiece — which she sole directed, by the way — and because this is Swift we're talking about, it's littered with powerful statements, some of which are more overt than others.

After announcing the upcoming video on Tuesday, Swift teased a short clip in which we see the back of a man in a business suit looking outside his office window. The teaser also revealed that Swift would be the sole director for the video, having previously codirected her past videos from her Lover era. Though the clip didn't give us much to go on, fans quickly started theorizing. Some thought Swift would actually dress as a man for the video (accurate guess!), while others thought she'd enlist some of her fellow female musicians for cameos in the video.

Swift previously opened up about the sexism she's faced in the music industry during her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. "We do exist in this society where women in entertainment are discarded in an elephant graveyard by the time they're 35," she said in the doc, adding that female artists must constantly reinvent themselves to keep working.

Watch the full music video above, which is a four-minute-long ode to bro culture and yep, it'll be triggering.

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Taylor Swift's Music Video For "The Man"

Taylor Swift "The Man" Music Video Announcement

Taylor Swift "The Man" Music Video Teaser