Grey's Anatomy: I’m Rooting For Owen and Teddy as Coparents, Not Lovers

Once upon a time, Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman were the star-crossed it couple on Grey's Anatomy. He always married the wrong person — Beth, Cristina, Amelia — while she, his longtime BFF, desired him from the sidelines. But then something happened. Over time, we started to realize that Owen had toxic tendencies and that Teddy might have better options even when pregnant with their love child. Now that Kim Raver is back as Teddy, we can't help but wonder, are Owen and Teddy endgame in season 16? My answer — and hope — is no. But I do think that these two would make excellent co-parents, and here's why.

First, a Recap

First, let's recap the situation. Teddy returned to Grey Sloan, pregnant with Owen's baby after they shared a romantic but inevitably disastrous fling in Germany. She goes to Seattle and keeps her pregnancy a secret for months, as it looked like Owen still loved Amelia and was starting a foster family with her. She later finds romance with Dr. Tom Koracick, who's devoted to the relationship. But when she's giving birth, Owen confesses his love for her. Timing, much?

Owen and Teddy's ship has sailed even though their family is just beginning. We've seen too much of Teddy pining and Owen stringing her along that whatever spark between them feels, at this point, contrived. It also wouldn't be in the show's best interest to stretch the gnarly the Owen-Teddy-Amelia-Link-Koracick love pentagon. While their relationship no longer feels fresh, Teddy and Owen have lots to explore as parents. There's no better time for them to do so: season 16's theme, after all, is family.

They're Jackson and April 2.0

When I see Owen and Teddy, I can't help but remember Jackson and April as a family model. Jackson and April were best friends who married and got divorced. But they still supported each other, caring for their daughter Harriet despite their separation and sexual tension.

Owen has always wanted children, and now, he might have just won the lottery. While Amelia and Cristina were adamant about not wanting children, Teddy has seemed blissful about expecting. Plus, after adopting baby Leo, Owen obviously knows how to support Teddy as a mother. But it's not only Owen's experience that will make him a good father; it's his relationship with Teddy. Like Jackson and April, they both care for each other and know each other well.

They Deserve Character Development

My biggest case for Owen and Teddy to go their separate ways is because of character development. When she and Jackson separated, April grew as she found purpose in Jordan, navigated motherhood, and grappled with her faith. Teddy has been defined by Owen ever since she stepped foot in Seattle. Taking the focus off of this relationship would allow us to see other facets of her. The same goes for Owen, who's adjusting as a father and finally getting therapy.

I'm not saying that Teddy and Owen don't deserve a happily ever after. On the contrary, I want them both happy. If it's together, they'd have to be emotionally ready, which I just don't see yet. For now, Owen and Teddy are best suited as co-parents to their lovely newborn, who would be lucky to be spared the incessant drama between these two.