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The Best Moments From The Addams Family Movies

17 Wonderfully Morbid Addams Family Moments That Will Lift Your Spirits

The Best Moments From The Addams Family Movies
Image Source: Everett Collection

When it comes to unorthodox onscreen broods, few hold a candle to the ménage in The Addams Family. The macabre bunch featured in the 1991 film and its 1993 sequel, Addams Family Values, exude admirable nonconformity as they reside in their morbid world. Their outré ways are something of a fascination, and we can't help but stan. No matter how many times you watch the Addams Family films — they are required viewings for spooky season, after all — they always strike the perfect chord for a sweetly sinister movie night. From Wednesday Addams being all too relatable to Morticia and Gomez being the definition of couple goals, keep reading to appreciate some of the best moments from the classic flicks!

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