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Will Rollins and Carisi Get Together on Law & Order: SVU?

We Really Need This Law & Order: SVU Romance to Finally Happen

For 21 seasons, Law & Order: SVU has been known for its flawed villains and heart-wrenching storylines — not so much for its romance. But in a season 21 episode titled "At Midnight in Manhattan," there's a scene that left some of us rooting for an office relationship. The moment involves Detective Amanda Rollins, who makes it very clear to ADA Dominick "Carisi" that no, she isn't fine. She's upset because of his recent departure from the Special Victims Unit. The passion between them is clear, and Rollins's remarks insinuate that maybe she has more than work-friend-adjacent feelings for her longtime pal.

The idea of Rollins and Carisi ending up together wouldn't be a complete shocker. Since Carisi joined SVU, he and Rollins's relationship has grown into something really special. Carisi has just been named godfather to Rollins's second child, and he's probably the closest male figure to her young kids. Their chemistry has been tested a number of times, but neither have given in to their feelings and continue to support each other as friends.

What's frustrating is how we've already watched two perfect lead characters never actually end up as a couple once before. Yes, of course we're talking about Captain Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, who were partners (and nothing else) for 12 years. It's time the writers take things up a notch with their main characters! Even Olivia senses there is something between Rollins and Carisi. Just check out this deleted scene:

Olivia is surprised Carisi leaves Rollins at the hospital because they're so close, and even says she knows a thing or two about, "How easy it is to get close with someone you're working with." He, like the gentleman he is, says he just wants Rollins to be happy (this was during a time when it was still unknown if she'd end up pursuing a relationship with the baby's father, Declan Murphy).

If the writers are hinting at a potential proclamation of feelings between the pair, it would be the show's first real office romance in a long time. Rollins has had her fair share of heartbreak the past decade, and reality has a way of ending Olivia's relationships before they ever really start. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these badass women being independent single mothers, the writers do seem to be pointing Rollins's character toward Carisi.

Of course, there is always the case that Rollins and Carisi's relationship should remain strictly platonic at the risk of ruining a good thing. Rollins has two girls to worry about, and her support system from work is vital. Plus, the pair aren't afraid to challenge each other when a little perspective is needed. Who knows if that would change should something romantic starts up? While it's still unclear whether anything will ever happen between Rollins and Carisi, one thing we do know for sure is this: we wouldn't be mad about it.

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