Will Netflix's V Wars Get a Second Season? Ian Somerhalder Is Definitely Hopeful

If you can't get enough of vampires and Ian Somerhalder, allow us to introduce you to your latest TV obsession: Netflix's V Wars. The new series hit the streaming service on Dec. 5, and we're already sinking our teeth into all the drama and horror. As we binge the 10 episodes, we can't help but wonder if there will be a second season. Though Netflix hasn't officially announced anything yet, Somerhalder, who starred in and executive produced the show, is very eager to continue the story.

While talking with POPSUGAR ahead of the premiere, Somerhalder said that he really hopes his fans will fall in love with V Wars the same way they did with The Vampire Diaries. "I want there to be longevity in this," he said. "I want to get under your skin. I want to get under your fingernails. I want people to love these characters and want to follow them into season two. First seasons of shows, they're tough because you're really finding your footing, setting up the world. In a network format you've got a much longer runway. So you can falter in certain areas and then pick back up. In 10 episodes, it's very condensed. You've got to be in the pocket the whole time. I'm just excited to present the beginning part of this world and then really get people involved and get a season two."

He's also really excited to jump into the important social dynamics the show addresses next season. "This is such a socially relevant show now, right?" Somerhalder said. "What we're dealing with outside of these walls: borders, racism, disease, fear, politics, the politics of fear. We're not hearing it in our own echo chambers, it's out there, right? We don't have to be on Instagram or going on POPSUGAR to find it out, it's already out. It's in every conversation around us. So, going into season two now knowing the characters and sort of where we're going with this, finding those socially relevant, but also the emotional juxtapositions, with some pretty stunning and controversial visuals, that's what I'm excited to now get into. I want to present this season one to really tell people that I put my heart and my soul into this."