Yvonne Orji Was Nominated For Her First Emmy, and We're Low-Key Not at All Surprised

Yvonne Orji is well aware that Molly raised some eyebrows during season four of Insecure, but she carried the role with the utmost class and badassery, so it should come as no surprise that she earned herself an Emmy nomination. When Leslie Jones announced the highly anticipated categories on July 28, Insecure came through with three nominations: a nomination for outstanding comedy series, an outstanding lead actress in a comedy series nomination for Issa Rae, and an outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series nomination for Orji!

As Issa's (former?) best friend in the HBO series, that's exactly what she is: an outstanding supporting actress. Throughout the last season and the series overall, Molly has grappled with the incessant struggle that is work-life balance, all while continuing to shine a light on narratives such as Black women seeking therapy, interracial relationships with onscreen partner Alexander Hodge, and the difficulties of navigating adult women friendships. Viewers might not always support Molly's decisions, but there are so many aspects of her character that individuals can relate to, and Orji's ability to capture all of it is why we're low-key not the slightest bit surprised by her nomination.

Orji took to Twitter to reflect on her nomination, writing, "I know Molly stressed y'all THE heck OUT this season, but shout out to all of you for riding with @insecurehbo and for VOTING!! We IN HERE! And it's even sweeter when THE WHOLE SQUAD THRIVIN TOO! 👏🏾👏🏾 to @IssaRae on her Emmy nod, the entire show, AND @BlackLadySketch!" She also posted a video on Instagram of herself sharing the exciting news with her parents, and they were beaming with pride through the phone.

Cheers to the entire Insecure family, and to Orji, because as complicated as Molly is, she truly is an outstanding supporting actress.