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Celebrities Who Have Had Postpartum Depression

Chrissy Teigen and 15 Other Celebrity Moms Who've Shared Their Postpartum Depression Struggles

Celebrities Who Have Had Postpartum Depression
Image Source: Getty / Tommaso Boddi

As many as 19 percent of new moms suffer from postpartum depression, and celebrities are no different. Chrissy Teigen is the latest star parent to speak out about her postpartum experience after the birth of her first daughter, Luna. "Most days were spent on the exact same spot on the couch and rarely would I muster up the energy to make it upstairs for bed. John would sleep on the couch with me, sometimes four nights in a row," Teigen shared in in Glamour's April 2017 issue. "I started keeping robes and comfy clothes in the pantry so I wouldn't have to go upstairs when John went to work. There was a lot of spontaneous crying."

And Teigen is far from alone — Hayden Panettiere, mama of Kaya Evodokia, voluntarily sought treatment for her postpartum depression at a professional facility, and other celebrity moms have been open about their struggles.

No new mom should suffer in silence, and these 16 celebrities have been open about their own experiences in an attempt to remove the stigma of a very real illness.

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