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Internet Destroys Anti-Vaxx Argument

The Internet Destroyed an Anti-Vaxx Argument Using Its Own Logic, and a Little Louder For the People in the Back

Without question, one of the biggest ongoing parenting debates of modern time centers on whether or not children should be vaccinated. And while we don't think there's much wiggle room when it comes to getting your children immunized against preventable and potentially deadly diseases, some moms and dads aren't so sure. In a now-viral thread on Imgur, the internet rallied to disprove anti-vaxxers' logic by using it against them.

Initially, an anti-vaxxer posted a meme that read, "If you mixed mercury, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and formaldehyde with VIRUSES then got a syringe and INJECTED it into your child you would be ARRESTED and sent to JAIL for child endangerment and abuse. Then WHY is it legal for [a] doctor to do it? And WHY would you let them? Educate yourself. Re-think vaccines."

Rather than simply rolling their eyes and scrolling on by the post, internet users offered their own rebuttals using the original poster's reasoning. Read through to get a look at what these clever pro-vaxxers had to say.

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