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Magic Eraser Hacks

7 Magic Eraser Hacks For Life's Everyday Struggles

Magic Eraser Hacks

After chasing kids around all day long, there's literally nothing we'd prefer to do less than clean the house. And when it comes to messes, we've found that the more children you have, the more dirt seems to multiply. Thankfully, there's a single affordable cleaning tool that can easily tackle what seems like a zillion headache-inducing jobs: The Magic Eraser ($8).

While you probably know that this white sponge can cut through grease with ease or forever diminish the colorful "artwork" that appeared on your bedroom wall one afternoon, there are plenty of lesser-known uses for this handy little cleaning product. Scroll through to get a peek at our favorite Magic Eraser cleaning hacks and kiss your hatred of cleaning goodbye once and for all.

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