Ashley Graham Is All Smiles in This Sweet Mommy-Baby Photo Series With 8-Month-Old Isaac

We don't need to see his face to know that Ashley Graham's 8-month-old son Isaac is absolutely adorable, but the occasional photo is always nice. In a post on her Instagram account on Oct. 7, Ashley shared a series of photos featuring her and Isaac spending some quality time together, and the new mom was all smiles. From giving Isaac kisses and cuddles to holding him up like a mini airplane, Ashley was definitely having a good time, and we have a feeling he was smiling right back at her on the other side of that camera. She also captioned the photo, "baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo," hinting that Isaac may have already found a favorite song in "Baby Shark," and we can't blame him.

In addition to appreciating the general sweetness of the photo series, one commenter called out how refreshing it is to see a mom showing off her postpartum body. "I love your constant push to normalize bodies, embrace motherhood, and rock your sexuality," they wrote. Ever since giving birth to Isaac on Jan. 18, Ashley has been open about embracing the physical changes to her body and feeling comfortable in her own skin. Click through Ashley and Isaac's cute mommy-baby photo series here.