Evening Activity Alert! Chrissy Teigen and Luna Had "So Much Fun" Camping at Home

Tie-dye with the kids? Check. Watch every Disney movie available on Netflix? Check. Attempt an at-home haircut? Failed, but check. Thanks to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, we have a new activity to add to our at-home to-do lists, and it's guaranteed to keep the family entertained for hours: camping.

On Tuesday night, Chrissy and John set up shop for Luna in their backyard and had a night to remember. They pitched a tent and packed sleeping bags, snacks, stuffed animals, and all the necessary accoutrements for a spooky night — Chrissy even read from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Three Stories to Chill Your Bones. It looks like Luna had the best time . . . that is, until a ghost came outside draped in a sheet to scare her! Thankfully, the family had their headlamps and lanterns to scare it away.

Even if outdoor space isn't available to you, try pitching a tent or making a pillow fort inside for a fun night. Check out photos of Chrissy's awesome family activity ahead, then check out this list of indoor art projects to do at home.