Gabrielle Union Tried the Cuddle Challenge With Kaavia, and Her "No!" Should Let You Know How It Went

When Gabrielle Union sat down to watch Moana with her 2-year-old daughter, Kaavia James, she thought she'd be in for a little bit of cuddling and snack sharing. However, Kaavia, who is often referred to as "Shady Baby" by her parents and on her own Instagram account, obviously had other plans.

In a first video shared to Kaavia's account (above), she and her mom sat on the couch to watch the Disney flick under a chunky knit blanket. Following Gabrielle's whisper-chats of "Moana, Moana, Moana!," she attempted to snuggle close to her toddler and wrap her arms around Kaavia's tiny shoulders. Kaavia immediately pushed out of the embrace, saying, "No!," as Gabrielle cracked up at the likely suspected behavior.

In a second video shared to Gabrielle's account (below), the mom attempted to share another moment with her daughter, this time centered on snack time. With "How Far I'll Go" playing in the background, Gabrielle tried to coax Kaavia into sharing her snack with her before leaning over and going in for a bite. As in the first video, all we got from her was a "No!" before she served her mom the most hilarious "Are you kidding me?!" look, complete with a slow blink.

Between Kaavia's priceless reactions and Gabrielle's laughter in response, we can't stop playing both of these truly funny videos on a loop. Never change, Kaavia. Never change.