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Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Plays Funny Zoom Prank on Teachers

Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Devised Quite the Clever Zoom Trick For Avoiding Schoolwork

Kelly Clarkson's daughter River Rose is already shaping up to be quite the lil' prankster. During a recent talkshow segment, Kelly revealed that her 6-year-old has been getting up to some mischievous shenanigans while attending classes virtually from home.

"She'll just pretend like she's frozen so she doesn't have to do what they're asking her to do," Kelly told a crowd of teachers, imitating River freezing in front of a computer screen. "She's 6!" Kelly exclaimed, adding, "I mean, points for the comedy, but reel it in, dude."

We've gotta hand it to her: that's pretty darn clever, and we may or may not consider borrowing the tactic during future Zoom meetings, because phew, the Zoom fatigue is so real these days. Thanks for the hot tip, River!

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