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Kristen Bell Is "Miserable" Homeschooling Her Kids | Video

Kristen Bell's Daughter Dragged Her in a Homeschool Assignment, So "Touché My Young Lass"

If there are two things parents have learned from staying at home with their kids for the last several weeks, it's that 1. There are plenty of ways to stay entertained indoors, and 2. Homeschooling. Is. Hard. In a recent episode of Momsplaining, Kristen Bell's digital series about motherhood on The Ellen DeGeneres Show's site EllenTube, the mom of two opened up to guest star and new mom Ashley Graham about her personal struggle with homeschooling. "Of course, we've all come to know the two worst words in the human language: home schooling," Kristen told Ashley.

There are a few things parents can try to make homeschooling a little easier — like creating a chart for remote learning — but some educational moments can't be planned for. For Kristen, that moment came when one of her daughters was given an assignment to write an opinion essay. While it might sound touching that Kristen's daughter chose her mom as the topic of her essay, her opinions weren't exactly . . . sweet.

"Trying to get my 1st grader to write her first opinion essay and was quite impressed with the topic she chose as she presented her grid with opinion and evidence," Kristen captioned the Instagram photo, which was shared on April 27. "Touché my young lass. Touché." The first-grader's assignment shows Kristen's "reactions" to her daughter, which include "stern voice," "no patience," "bad reactions," and "doesn't believe in me."

Despite unexpected parenting moments like this, Kristen is getting through the shelter-in-place order like many parents nowadays: with the help of a little Rosé. Watch the full Momsplaining episode here to see what other tips Kristen had to share with Ashley about navigating motherhood while staying at home.

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