Max Greenfield Just Posted the Most Accurate Teacher Appreciation Week Photo There Is

If there's anyone who appreciates teachers, it's Max Greenfield — who spent the better part of the past year documenting his attempts at helping his daughter, Lilly, and son, Ozzie, navigate virtual at-home learning. Which is why we're going to give him the benefit of the doubt after he posted a photo of 5-year-old Ozzie looking particularly, ahem, unappreciative during his remote preschool class.

The image showed a laptop featuring a hard-working teacher — likely in the midst of an animated lesson on addition — while Ozzie laid outstretched atop the dining table, completely behind the screen. The New Girl alum captioned the relatable photo with a simple hashtag acknowledging Teacher Appreciation Week, which starts today, and a "thanks #MsPatricia" for good measure.

This is certainly not even close to the first time Greenfield has chronicled his kids' homeschooling misadventures on Instagram. In fact, a look back at his post about Ozzie's "first day of home preschool" this past August should be a solid indicator that things were going to end up here. Keep it coming, Greenfield family — we all appreciate it!