This Company Will Put Your Face on Its Wrapping Paper, and Sorry, Family — Everyone's Getting My Selfie For Christmas

Gift Wrap My Face
Gift Wrap My Face
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I'm a lousy gift-wrapper. Flip any present I've given you upside-down and you'll find the work of a madman. Scotch tape bits that obviously stuck to each other at some point prior to being unfurled into crinkly pieces, mismatched corner folds, and trapped air underneath the paper. I've even been known to use inside-out grocery bags in lieu of paper (and not in a rustic Etsy way). The only thing separating my gifts from landing top-of-the-fold in a roundup of bad wrapping jobs is the absence of duct tape — I draw the line at duct tape.

Which is why the moment I discovered Gift Wrap My Face ($17 for a roll), I knew this was just what I needed. The company emblazons your face — or any face, actually — smack dab right onto the wrapping paper. Christmas, Hannukah, even birthday-themed. It doesn't matter the holiday, family and friends can have your face repeated throughout their wrapping paper. I can't think of a better way to distract someone from my botched wrapping job than by giving them hilarious paper.

This is personalization at its peak.