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Ryan Reynolds Joked About Picking Up Ladies to Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds Joked That He Could "Pick Up the Ladies" at the Park Because He Has 3 Girls

Blake Lively is officially adjusting to everyday life as a mom of three! In a recent interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan to promote her upcoming film, The Rhythm Section, the 32-year-old actress shared what having three little ones under the age of 6 running around is like, stating that it's definitely "a lot of children."

After congratulating Blake on her newest addition, Kelly — a fellow mom of three — strongly encouraged her to consider having a fourth baby. "If you have the third child, have the fourth child," she said. "Because triangulation in children can be bad." Blake then told Kelly that she could be her surrogate the fourth time around, but the talk show host was having none of that. "I will be the world's oldest surrogate mom," joked Kelly.

Additionally, Blake shared a story that got a few laughs in the audience about a conversation she had with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, shortly after they welcomed their third daughter. "We always tease each other," said Blake. "After I gave birth, he was like, 'Oh my gosh, you know, if I lost you and I went to the park with our three kids, I mean, think of the ladies I can pick up.'" Needless to say, Blake wasn't exactly amused! Watch until the end to get your fill of Blake and Ryan's incredible banter.

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