During a Pandemic, the Last Thing I'm Worried About Is My Daughter's Hairstyle

Current social-distancing measures have not allowed much opportunity for me to have some time away from my daughter, and spending 24/7 with my kiddo has not allowed me the perspective of how she may have changed physically. It's sort of like that messy spot in your home or that scratch on your wood floor — since you see it every day, you develop a blind eye to it.

It took a grand moment for me to realize that girlfriend is due for a haircut ASAP. She normally wears her hair down and it's manageable — no need for any accessories to pull it back. A few nights ago, she was eating Swedish Fish as a treat and in her sweet voice asked for help. When I inquired why she needed my assistance, I noticed that a piece of candy was stuck in her hair! It was gnarled into her straggly curls, and freeing the fish without harming her hair required a very intricate plan. If getting gummy candy stuck in hair isn't a sign that it is time for a haircut, I don't know what is.

But here's the thing — I am already managing way more than my plate can handle while following social-distancing measures and attempting to homeschool. I'm trying to maintain my business, be a teacher, manage the home, figure out groceries, and occasionally have a conversation with my husband. I simply don't have the brain capacity to learn how to be a hairdresser on top of the many other hats that I am wearing.

Good enough is going to have to do until our lives get back to normal.

I can't be a perfect mom, homeschool teacher, wife, employee, or friend right now. While I admit that I have a typical Type A personality, I learned very quickly that some things are going to have to go to the wayside during this challenging time. Basic hygiene practices are a must, but things like a fresh haircut or a freshly ironed dress are simply not happening right now, to preserve my own sanity. Good enough is going to have to do until our lives get back to normal.

My daughter has not complained about her hair once since she has been home with me full-time. It doesn't seem to bother her (other than the Swedish Fish incident), so I won't let it bother me. I do catch her getting annoyed when her hair flies in her face during a windy day, so I offer the simple solution of a hair tie. Otherwise, I am too focused on making sure that our primary needs are met while trying to maintain a level of calmness during this pandemic. If that means that my daughter's hair is not Instagram-worthy when I post our escapades, so be it. We have our health and happiness, and to us that is more important than a cute little bob.