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Miley Cyrus Outfits in Malibu Video

Did You Happen to Catch Miley Cyrus's Engagement Ring in the Malibu Video?

Miley Cyrus Outfits in Malibu Video

My boyfriend wants to kill me. Seriously — I could not stop singing Miley Cyrus's new song "Malibu" the entire weekend following its release. It was on repeat in the car and on the laptop when we were cooking dinner. I think I spent more time humming to the tune of it, dancing to it, and messing up its words than I did engaging in normal, everyday conversation with people. That's not just because I'm a devoted Miley fan, but because her music is actually good.

I bet you anything the feel-good, carefree beat of "Malibu" will solidify it as a Summer hit, but it's also a really beautiful love note to Liam Hemsworth. I'm so glad it was immediately accompanied by a video, in which Miley twirls around on the beach wearing messy pigtails, tugging along a bouquet of balloons, and changing into whatever random, little white outfits she wants. To me, this symbolizes the obvious fact that Miley is so happy now that she's back with the guy who seemingly makes her feel relaxed, inspired, and totally chill.

But while Miley is definitely chill, there were things I noticed as I watched the "Malibu" video, that were not so chill. These things made me feel like Miley was actively offering a message to her fans, confirming not only her engagement to Liam by subtly flashing her ring, but quite possibly that she's also ready for marriage, if she hasn't tied the knot already.

In fact, any of the white ensembles she wears — especially this embellished flutter bustier top that she pairs with lacy underwear — could pass for Miley's bridal look. They all conjured up images of the Instagram Miley's dad, Billy Ray, posted of his daughter months ago, which showed the singer in a pretty wedding-appropriate dress.

Whether Miley is using her wardrobe to say, "Dudes, I'm a married woman!" or not, it's definitely safe to say the color white is not used here to represent innocence, but rather the peaceful, complacent feeling that comes with being really, really sure about the person you love. To me, that notion is just as lovely as the lyrics to Miley's new song.

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